Follow Me As I Follow Christ

By. Jon Courson

“Look on me and do likewise,” said Gideon -Judges 7:17
“Follow me as I follow Christ,” echoed Paul -1 Corinthians 11:1

Gideon was a man of action. He was a doer, not simply a talker. He sought the Lord, selected 300 troops out of 32,000, risked his life by sneaking into the Midianite camp, surveyed the situation, overheard a conversation, came back, developed a strategy, supplied his troops, and then did battle. No committees, no dialogues, no discussions. He was a doer. He made things happen. And that’s the kind of men God is looking for today – men who see the need and fill it, men who go for it. Gideon was a man who understood that leadership was not about lecturing, but simply about leading; not saying, “You go,” but saying, “Let’s go.”

I like Gideon. He didn’t say, “Listen to me.” He said, “Look on me.” This is real leadership. Whether in a marriage, family, ministry, or on the job site, the key is to say what Paul and Gideon said: Watch me. Do what I do.

That’s my prayer for us as a church. That we would read God’s Word about prayer and that we would pray. That the husbands would love their wives and the wives would respect their husbands. That we would obey God’s Word and gather in fellowship at church. That we would do as God’s Word says with our finances and realize as the Word says, “the tithe belongs to the Lord.” That we would obey God’s Word and as we go around in this world that we would MAKE DISCIPLES. Let’s pray that we would be able to say to others follow me as I follow Christ.

By His Spirit,
Pastor Bill